Using an E-Gift Card

You can use your Redbox E-Gift Card to reserve movies for pickup at any U.S. location. Here's how:

Activating the E-Gift Card

1. Claim your gift from the email or SMS sent to you. 2. Login to your
3. Scroll to Payment Methods
4. Select Add Gift Card.
5. Enter the 16-digit card number.
6. Enter the PIN Code.
7. Select Add.

Renting a Movie Using Your E-Gift Card

1. Pick a movie at, or through your mobile app, and add it to your cart bag. You can select up to two movies. 2. Select the Redbox Gift Card at checkout and finish the reservation process.
3. When you pick up your movie at the box, you can swipe your payment card that's associated with your gift card.
4. Enjoy the show!

*E-Gift Cards can only be used to rent DVD and Blu-rayTM discs.
*E-Gift Cards cannot be reloaded with extra funds, simply purchase an additional card instead.
*E-Gift Cards must be associated with your Redbox Online Profile.
*E-Gift Cards must be associated with an accepted form of payment (credit or debit card).

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