Closed Captioning

If you're having trouble with closed captioning, it may be because you have a newer TV or player, and the closed captioning signal is analog. Newer HDTV sets, Blu-Ray™ and DVD players use an HDMI connection. HDMI won't play the analog closed captioning on some DVDs. HDMI will play SDH, a newer form of closed captioning. If you rent a disc with SDH subtitles, your remote's CC button might not play them, but you can enable them from the disc menu.

For help with activating closed captioning, refer to the table below:

Mobile Device App

1. Tap the Audio & Subtitles icon in the bottom right of the player screen.
2. Choose closed captioning.


1. Select the Settings icon in the bottom right of the player (it is shaped like a gear).
2. Turn on closed captioning.

Roku, Smart TV, or similar device

1. Use the device or player controls to turn on closed captioning.

Disc in Video Player

1. Go to the TV menu to turn on closed captioning.

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