Purchasing an E-Gift Card

You can purchase a Redbox E-Gift card for yourself or someone else at https://www.redbox.com/gifts. They're delivered via email or SMS, and they can be used at any Redbox location.

You can select one or multiple recipients, select a gift card graphic from a range of choices, and write a personalized message along with a greeting card (optional). E-Gift card amounts are available from $5 to a maximum of $150.00 in $5 increments.

Please note that:

  1. Once you've purchased an E-Gift card, you can't add more money to the same card. Instead, simply purchase a new E-Gift card to increase the amount.
  2. E-Gift cards are for use on DVDs and Blu-ray™ discs.
  3. E-Gift cards must be associated with a Redbox.com profile.
  4. E-Gift cards must be associated with an accepted form of payment.
  5. E-Gift cards are non-refundable

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