Redbox’s Response to COVID-19

Knowing movie nights are a cherished activity, we’re doing all we can to support our customers, employees and the communities we serve during this challenging time.

We’re thankful to be here for our customers whether they are renting from our kiosks or through our streaming On Demand or Free Live TV offerings.

What We’re Doing for Our Customers

  • Our automated kiosks have the built-in advantage of eliminating the need to interact with store personnel, or touch paper or coin currency. Redbox has always only accepted payment cards, and no interaction with a PIN pad is required.
  • Customers can minimize time and interaction at our kiosks by utilizing our new “Touch-Free” technology, allowing customers to “pick up and go” at their favorite retailer. Simply reserve a movie on our app and pick it up at the kiosk without ever touching the kiosk (requires swiping, tapping or inserting payment card). Returns can also be made touch-free with the use of a payment card. Learn more about Touch-Free Pickups and Returns here.
  • Contactless payment technology is now available at more than 90% of our kiosks, so customers can securely pay with a quick “tap”, rather than swiping or using a chip reader. In either case, only customers (as opposed to store personnel) handle their payment cards.
  • The items in our kiosks are just like any other item on a retailer’s shelf. The CDC Guidelines again apply here. Redbox discs and jewel cases can be cleaned just like you would wash your hands or clean any public surface, like a doorknob, cell phone, remote control, keyboard or mouse. You can use soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or the same alcohol wipes available at the entrance to the grocery store. We’re gratified to hear from so many customers that they have adopted this practice.
  • To avoid scratching the disc, we recommend cleaning the disc by wiping from the center outwards, and avoiding using abrasives, solvents or highly acidic cleansers.
  • We’re reminding customers to follow the well-published CDC Guidelines. As with any public surface we come in contact with, it’s important to wash or sanitize our hands after any interaction, and maintain a safe, six-foot distance between ourselves and others.
  • Redbox has a dedicated field staff responsible for maintaining, merchandising and cleaning kiosks as part of our regular course of operations. In response to COVID-19, Redbox has educated and provided staff with the necessary resources, cleaning and safety supplies, and many of our retail partners have also started cleaning our kiosks as part of their increased cleaning processes.

What We’re Doing For Our Employees

Redbox is profoundly grateful for the individual contributions of each employee, our collective commitments to each other, and the work we do to continue entertaining our customers – whether that’s our field or corporate employees, those who work on our kiosk or On Demand business, or those who work with our partners.

We are especially grateful to our field employees who have adapted their work practices in real-time to follow the latest health and safety guidelines. Recognizing their dedication and support during this time, Redbox has provided all field representatives and technicians an hourly pay increase, in addition to an emergency leave policy, Paid Time Off (PTO) Donation Program and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

To keep ourselves as healthy and safe as possible, Redbox has instituted the following health and safety measures:

  • All Redbox employees have been trained on health and safety guidelines with respect to the COVID-19 outbreak and we have implemented new cleaning and social distancing policies.
  • Work is not permitted if an employee displays symptoms of, or has had contact with anyone who is known or suspected to have, COVID-19 and we are implementing daily health check-ins for active field employees.
  • Employees are aware that if they run out of the protective equipment or cleaning supplies, they should not work.
  • Redbox field personnel are limiting their activity to only minimum basic operations.
  • If field personnel must visit a field warehouse location, no more than three persons may be present at any given time.
  • Whether at a warehouse or in the field, Redbox employees must adopt social distancing practices and other mitigation procedures to protect themselves, other workers, and patrons.
  • All Redbox office workers have been required to work from home since March 16, 2020.

More Ways to Watch at Home

Those who would prefer to stream movies from home can also choose Redbox On Demand, where we have a fantastic selection of new-release movies and thousands of favorites for rental or purchase.

Free Live TV has a growing lineup of channels available to stream free, instantly on your Smart TV or favorite device.

Deals and Promotions

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  • Redbox Text Club members get exclusive deals and discounts. To join, text SIGNUP to 727272
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